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Writing a book is a monumental moment in your life. One which can take years to achieve.

The truth is...years can go by and your book remains unpublished and unseen. Leaving you feeling overwhelmed and disappointed.

You’ve put your heart and soul into your work. You're ready to leave your legacy and get your book published…

But you have no idea where to start or how to make it happen. You need help!

Your book is your life long dream. Do you really want to let your dreams of being a published author, pass you by?

It’s time to bring your dreams to life, so that you can leave your legacy behind for generations to come.

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Book to Legacy helps you to make your dreams a reality.

Taking your book from being just a dream...
into a published reality.

It's time to become a published author & leave your legacy.


Stories are the most beautiful gift we can leave others. The experiences, memoirs, and history that we have known, can leave for others to read and learn from.

The power of the spoken word is great but the written word is there for lifetimes.


Don't Do it Alone

Too many embark on this journey alone, trying to work out how to get their book published!

Without the right plan and support, the process can be challenging and long. Many give up and never experience their dream...

The dream of holding their published book in their hands!

The question is...

How long have you been hoping and dreaming of publishing your book? Possibly years?

Too often, years go by and the dream of writing your book fades.  You lose momentum and hope that your dreams may one day become a reality.

But what if you no longer had to wait? What if you could make your dreams a reality in a matter of months?

Imagine having someone who can help you see how all of the pieces of your story are woven together to create your legacy. Having the right people, processed and tools to help you write and publish your book...and leave your legacy...

A legacy to be remember for centuries to come?

My name is M Anton T. and I am dedicated to help you write and publish your book….. and leave your legacy.  

Meet MAT

My name is M Anton T and I am dedicated to help you write and publish your book….. and leave your legacy.  

As a young boy growing up in Bethesda, Maryland, I had the good fortune of having great teachers that inspired me to know more about history and the importance of writing and recording it.

My English teacher was best friends with Truman Capote and on any given day he would come in and take over our class and teach us the art of prose.  

Later as I traveled the world, I came to know so many people, stories and cultures that enriched my life.

These experiences truly changed me and really connected me to writing about them. My love for writing grows more and more each day. I am passionate about helping you to write your story and leave your legacy.

What's your inspiration?

Let me help you “find your gold and write a book of your legacy”  

M Anton T


Mittal Family Rep.
District of Luxembourg

“His descriptive analysis of our family’s patriarch, a world leader in the steel industry, is indicative of his ability to deal with well-known celebrities and famous figures, and be able to have a candid, and informative interview with them. This ability is what has made M. Anton T., the most sought-after Ghost-Writer for VIP Memoirs in the Middle-East, India, and Asian Pacific Rim countries.”

Kennedy Family Rep
Hyannis Port-Barnstable MA
Hyannis Port, Mass NYC

"In recognizing the fact that he, Mr. M. Anton T., grew up in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase-Kenwood area, and had direct and personal experiences with many members of our extensive family, we are assured that his writing will reflect the love and friendship shared, as well as many tragic events that were so vividly accounted for in his novel, Those Early Years…60s America."

Brother Edward Adams
Former Principle St.John's College, Military Academy
Washington, D. C., U.S.A. 

“M.A.T. was such a vivid character as a young cadet at our Christian Brothers military academy in Washington, D.C., almost 50 years ago… but his ability to absorb the many social changes that were taking place during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s at our institution, is what is making his writing so powerful! It proves God always has a plan… to reveal what many of us possibly fail to see, through the eyes of special individuals, such as M. Anton T., whose smile reaches everyone’s heart…. I am truly honored by your dedication in your Novel, Run… Don’t Stop”

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